Ивенсия ЕООД

Ivensia Ltd

Subject of activity: Trade in industrial and food products, car service activity, production, processing and trade in agricultural products; internal and external trade activity; barter, re-export and other foreign trade transactions; purchase, construction and furnishing of real estate, as well as any other activity not prohibited by law or other regulatory act.

Комфмел-Консултинг ООД

Komfmel-Consulting OOD

Subject of activity: Trade in the country and abroad with all types of goods; mediation and representation of local and foreign individuals and legal entities; production and processing of plant, animal and other agricultural products and goods produced on this basis; domestic and international tourism; currency exchange; public catering; financial - accounting consultations; redeeming…

Маяр-15 ООД

Mayar-15 Ltd

Subject of activity: foreign trade activity, commercial mediation and representation in the country and abroad; transport activity in the country and abroad; purchase of goods and other items for the purpose of sale in initial, processed and processed form; opening of shops, catering establishments, restaurants, hotels; commission, forwarding, warehouse, leasing, tourist, advertising activity; purchase, construction and furnishing of…


Model-MM Ltd

Subject of activity: Designing, manufacturing and trading of advertising materials, company inscriptions and signs for the country and abroad; internal and external trade; design and programming of software systems and products for the country and abroad, computer training and computer services; bakery, distribution, transport, commission, consulting and intermediary activities; commercial representation of Bulgarian and foreign individuals and...

Напорни Тръби АД

Pressure Pipes AD

Subject of activity: Production of pressure pipes, concrete and reinforced concrete elements, products and structures, construction, transport, trade, engineering and marketing, purchase, construction or furnishing of real estate for the purpose of sale. Additional subject of activity: as well as all activities under Article 1 of the Commercial Law, not prohibited by law, and for those for which a permit is required...

Оптима – ВКР ЕООД

Optima - VKR EOOD

Subject of activity: Domestic and foreign trade, export, import, re-export, barter transactions and exchange of consumer goods, foodstuffs and agricultural produce, industrial raw materials, spare parts, machinery, equipment, appliances and apparatus, organizational equipment and household equipment, trade in drugs and medicinal preparations, commission trade, mediation, representation and agency of our and foreign companies, physical...

Роял-Бали ЕООД

Royal-Bali Ltd

Subject of activity: Carrying out mediation activities for hiring Bulgarian citizens in the country and/or abroad and/or seafarers, after the relevant licensing; providing translation services and legalization of documents, after appropriate licensing; establishment of centers for professional training and centers for information and professional guidance, after the relevant licensing; carrying out tour operator activities,...

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