Русе – Техноресурс АД

Ruse - Technoresurs AD

Subject of activity: Trade in the country and abroad with material resources and means of production, production and sale of agricultural, food, industrial and household goods, placement and supply activity and services, including car service and transport, leasing of areas, commissions and leasing transactions, commercial representation and mediation and any other activities not prohibited by law. Commercial representation…



Subject of activity: Design, engineering, implementation, distribution and production activity in the country and abroad in the field of printed circuit boards /with and without electronic elements/ for electronics and mechanical engineering; electronic and electronic-mechanical products; external and internal commercial activity; transport and forwarding activities in the country and abroad; consultancy in the field of finance and accounting, including…

Сребърна – ООД ООД

Silver - OOD OOD

Subject of activity: Trade, supply, woodworking, provision of services, purchase and processing of wild products, forwarding activity, import, export, re-export and tourism, work under contracts with forestry farms, other companies and organizations. Additional subject of activity - logging, production of saplings, afforestation, silvicultural activity, hunting, game breeding, transport activity, new construction, construction and repair work, agricultural activity.

Тони- Стефан Русанов ЕООД

Tony-Stefan Rusanov EOOD

Subject of activity: Commercial activity in the country and abroad, import and export of goods; domestic and international transportation of passengers and cargo; advertising activity; commission activity; forwarding activity; commercial activity with farm produce and cereals; commercial activity with oil derivatives and gas; consulting, investment and design activities; computer modulation; tailoring; rental of premises...

Фалко-Пенка Соколова ЕТ

Falko-Penka Sokolova ET

Subject of activity: Internal and external commercial activity, production and trade in food, agricultural and industrial goods, clothing and footwear, representation, mediation and agency of Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, legal, administrative, accounting and translation services, advertising and business activity, hotel and restaurant business, production and repair of electronic equipment, software developments and services,...

Химснаб БГ АД

Himsnab BG AD

Subject of activity: Leasing of real estate and provision of cargo-unloading, storage, logistics and other types of services; import, export, re-export, barter, commission, brokerage and other specific domestic and foreign trade transactions; wholesale and retail trade in raw materials, materials, products and other goods; leasing, consignment, financial and commodity marketing; representation and mediation of local…

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