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Activity: Scientific - research, design, consulting, constructive, technological, implementation, investment, consignment, commercial, engineering, marketing, service activities in the country and abroad, development, distribution, trade in software products, computers and computer systems. Leasing activity, advertising services, creation of models of buildings, machines and equipment, organization of business meetings, exhibitions, production, collection, purchase, processing and sale of agricultural products, mediation, hospitality, tourism, guided tours, pedagogical services, barter transactions, translation services, construction and operation of catering establishments. Additional subject of activity: internal and external wholesale trade in medicinal products /after licensing/, trade in sporting and hunting weapons, ammunition for them /after licensing/, international transport, forwarding and tourism, production of industrial and non-industrial goods and products; investment activity in the field of construction, implementation of construction, investment projects in all their phases, industrial, civil and repair construction, performing expert appraisals of real estate. Design and implementation of objects from the system of telecommunications and communication activity and optical cables.