Alpha Consult Bulgaria Ltd

EIK: 205162848

Alpha Consult Bulgaria Ltd

Licensed recruitment and consulting agency

The company "Alpha Consult Bulgaria Ltd" was established in 2018 with registration number No. 2579 from 20.07.2018. Initially concentrated in the city of Ruse, the company quickly expanded its activities, covering the territory of the entire country.

The main goal of the company is to provide valuable personnel to its clients, supporting them in every step of the search, selection and integration of personnel. With a team of dedicated and professional consultants, "Alpha Consult Bulgaria" builds successful relationships with its clients and supports candidates in their career realization.

In 2020, the company innovated, introducing a new service for the selection and integration of qualified personnel from third parties. This move successfully solves the labor shortage problem of the company's customers in various manufacturing sectors.

"Alpha Consult Bulgaria" is distinguished by an individual approach to each client and candidate. This includes understanding unique requirements and providing customized solutions. Combining its experience and well-organized structure, the company provides effective and successful solutions for personnel selection at all levels and in various fields.

The introduction of international employees is an additional element in the strategy of "Alpha Consult Bulgaria", contributing to the competitiveness of its clients. This approach emphasizes the firm's commitment to providing a wide range of opportunities for the selection and integration of personnel, as well as to various developments and projects.

With its in-depth expertise and strategic approach, "Alpha Consult Bulgaria" establishes itself as a reliable and flexible partner, offering innovative solutions and promoting the rapid expansion of its territorial coverage.

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