Golden West Seed Bulgaria Ltd

EIK: 131549806

Golden West Seed Bulgaria Ltd

Golden West Seed Bulgaria Ltd. is a dynamically developing company specializing in research and development, seed production and seed distribution for field crops and vegetables. The company's activities cover a wide geographical area, including the Mediterranean region, Southern Europe, North Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the countries of the former Soviet Union, which positions Golden West as an important player in the agricultural sector in these markets.

The company's focus on field crop breeding programs is distinguished by the development of early and late hybrids of corn, cotton and alfalfa varieties that are adapted to the specific needs and conditions of the region. For example, the cotton breeding program started in the early 1990s in Greece aimed to create varieties with high yield, superior fiber quality and early maturity, while the maize program started in the US and later moved in Bulgaria, emphasizes the high yield and resistance of hybrids to stressful conditions.

In addition, Golden West is committed to developing vegetable seed programs in partnership with leading research institutes and private companies, conducting experimental projects for the evaluation and selection of new varieties. The company sets standards for seed production in multiple countries, which ensures high-quality products for the vegetable markets.

Golden West's vision is to continue its expansion and take a key role in the agricultural sector in regional markets, thus influencing agricultural technologies and business models. The company emphasizes its commitment to high standards of environmental, social and business responsibility, staying true to its mission to offer added value throughout the agricultural chain and invest in sustainable development.

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