Centaur-Elizar Atanasov ET

EIK: 117024448

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Activity: Agrochemical work with all types of airplanes and helicopters, operation and maintenance of aviation equipment, training of flight and technical staff to work with aviation equipment, wholesale and retail trade in plant protection chemicals in the country and abroad, domestic and foreign trade, production, purchase and sale of agricultural, industrial and food products, commercial mediation and representation of local and foreign individuals and legal entities, barter transactions, export, import, re-export, second-hand, commission and consignment activities, rental of audio and video tapes , organization of excursions in the country and abroad, hotel and restaurant business, opening of drinking and entertainment establishments for public catering, car service, car repair and transport activities, services - knitting, taxi, painting, welding, carpentry, accounting, teaching, crafts, hairdressing, cosmetics, repair and maintenance of household appliances, organizes not exploitation of mechanical, electronic and fun-entertainment games, construction and installation activities.