Q Online Ltd. (QNECTD)

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Кю Онлайн ЕООД

Q Online Ltd. (QNECTD) specializes in the design, implementation and management of end-to-end IoT solutions and LoRaWAN connectivity for customers in various industries and locations. Their expertise ranges from creating smart cities and buildings to optimizing agricultural practices and developing Industry 4.0 applications. QNECTD is committed to offering customers customized solutions to help them achieve their unique goals.

Offered services

  1. Design of IoT solutions: QNECTD designs innovative IoT solutions tailored to specific customer needs.
  2. Implementation of IoT solutions: Their team is dedicated to implementing IoT solutions for various industries and applications.
  3. Implementing IoT software: QNECTD provides IoT software implementation services to ensure seamless integration with customers' existing systems.
  4. Connection: They offer Helium Network connectivity and support Helium Network roaming.
  5. Building private LoRaWAN networks: QNECTD builds and maintains private LoRaWAN networks for increased security and control.

Areas of expertise

  • Smart cities: QNECTD helps optimize city processes, enable early detection of problems and save budgets through IoT solutions.
  • Smart buildings: They help reduce costs, optimize maintenance and identify potential problems with building automation and monitoring.
  • Smart farms: QNECTD deploys IoT solutions for crop and livestock production to optimize operations and early disease detection.
  • Industry 4.0: They provide customized IoT solutions for various industries, including energy cost monitoring, gas content monitoring, employee and asset positioning, etc.

Do You Know What You're Breathing Campaign

QNECTD is also dedicated to raising awareness of indoor air quality, particularly in schools, nurseries and universities. Their goals are:

  • Attracting the attention of people and institutions.
  • Providing information on air quality issues and initiating public discussions.
  • Real-time air quality measurement in indoor spaces, especially where children spend most of their day.
  • Analyzing and comparing indoor and outdoor air quality.
  • Creating an open platform with publicly available information for collective action.

The QNECTD team strives to create a smarter and more connected world. They are eager to help customers harness the power of IoT to improve their operations and quality of life.


QNECTD offers downloadable PDF presentations for potential customers and partners providing a brief overview of the company's services, expertise and commitment to improving air quality in educational environments. These presentations highlight the benefits of QNECTD's customized IoT solutions for various industries and applications.

SMART STOCK-RAISING - IoT решения за животновъди
SMART STOCK-RAISING - IoT solutions for livestock breeders
SMART RETAIL - IoT сензори за търговци
SMART RETAIL - IoT sensors for retailers
SMART FARMING - IoT решения за земеделци
SMART FARMING - IoT solutions for farmers
School AIR QUALITY CO2 - сензори за качество на въздуха
School AIR QUALITY CO2 – air quality sensors
Offices AIR QUALITY CO2 - сензори за качество на въздуха
Offices AIR QUALITY CO2 – air quality sensors