Issue and certification of certificates of origin type "A" under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

In order for Bulgarian exporters to use preferences when importing goods to other countries, it is necessary that these goods meet certain conditions. It is accepted that the exporting country must prove that the exported goods were entirely produced in it or underwent a sufficient degree of processing, in accordance with the accepted preferential schemes. Certification and proof of this circumstance is carried out with a certificate form "A". RCCI, through the representation of the BCCI, issues the Certificate form "A" in 1 original and three copies, at the request of a Bulgarian exporting company. Complete legibly in English or French. The forms for this certificate are special, made in accordance with the requirements of the General System of Preferences. certificates of origin form "A".

For the issuance of certificate form "A" it is required:

  • a letter or invoice from the manufacturer of the goods, enabling the exact determination of the origin of the exported goods, in accordance with the preferential rules
  • quality certificate
  • phytosanitary certificate (when exporting goods of plant origin
  • veterinary certificate (when exporting goods of animal origin)
  • analytical or laboratory certificate (when exporting medicines, cosmetics, medicines, chemical preparations, etc.)
  • another document from which the origin of the goods can be established

When filling out the form "A" certificate, the most important thing is to correctly define - the criterion of origin. In it, the relevant index is filled in, meeting the criteria for the origin of the goods, in accordance with the rules and preferential schemes of the importing country.
When determining the origin of the goods, two criteria are mainly applied:
When the goods are entirely produced in the Republic of Bulgaria with Bulgarian raw materials.
If the goods were produced in the Republic of Bulgaria, and imported raw materials and materials were used in its production, it is necessary that it has undergone a sufficient degree of processing or processing so that it acquires a local (Bulgarian) origin.

In practice, the "sufficient degree of processing" rule can be expressed by:
changing the customs code of the finished product, compared to the customs positions of the imported raw materials and materials used in the production;
a list of the processing, the performance of which enables goods with imported raw materials to acquire Bulgarian origin. Each country granting preferences to the Republic of Bulgaria prepares this list; the "ad valorem" percentage rule, when the percentage of the value of the use in the production of the goods of imported raw materials and materials does not exceed a certain percentage determined by the importing country, calculated at the factory price of the finished product.

The declaration to the certificate of origin must be signed and stamped by the representative of the company or by a person with a notarized power of attorney. In the event that the company is not registered in the Unified Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the company must submit a copy of the court registration of the company and a BULSTAT Certificate or a certificate from the Registration Agency.

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