Каолин ЕАД

Kaolin EAD

Established way back in 1923, Kaolin EAD is the oldest operating mining enterprise in Bulgaria. Today, Kaolin EAD is the only company in Southeast Europe that provides a full range of industrial minerals for the production of glass and ceramics, and is one of the largest producers of fireclay in the world. It operates 8 concentrators in the country and manages several subsidiaries…

Керос Керамика ЕАД

Keros Ceramics EAD

Keros Cerámica EAD is a subsidiary of Keros Cerámica, an internationally recognized company with over 40 years of experience in the production and sale of high-quality wall and floor ceramic tiles. The main goal of the company is to maintain a high standard of production and service, while continuously investing in the most advanced technologies and demonstrating the greatest responsibility towards the environment…

Невен ООД

Marigold Ltd

Subject of activity: Foreign and domestic trade, production, services, commercial representation and mediation, transactions with intellectual property products, production and trade of electric porcelain and fireclay products, woodworking, transport activity, accounting services. Additional subject of activity - publishing and printing activity and distribution of printed works.

Труд АД

Trud AD

Subject of activity: Production and trade of refractory products for industry, energy and household, engineering activity in the field of effective use of refractory and thermal insulation materials. Complements the subject of activity - and any other activities not prohibited by law.

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