Membership in RCCI is an investment in your business, your name and the environment in which your business operates. As a leading business intermediary in Ruse, RCCI is constantly to create and maintain a vibrant, innovative and successful economy.

The membership in RCCI is voluntary. The membership community includes representatives of large, small and medium-sized manufacturing companies and businesses, organizations working to support the business.

As a member of RCCI, you will receive: 

  • Recognition of the company as a member of the Ruse business community, as well as the largest business network in Bulgaria - the National System of Chambers of Commerce/Chambers of Industry.
  • Providing opportunities to participate in international and local business events and conferences.
  • Presentation to commercial partners in the country and abroad and creation of opportunities to participate in foreign missions and delegations.
  • Providing assistance in carrying out business abroad and protecting interests before foreign partners.
  • Taking advantage of the Chamber's extensive international networks of partners and contacts.
  • Priority inclusion in international projects and initiatives of the Chamber.
  • Receiving specialized consultations from external and internal experts.
  • Publication of information and news through the Chamber's communication channels.
  • Obtaining full access to the information arrays of the Chamber.
  • Use of discounts between 20-30% on the prices of all business services offered by the Chamber.
  • Use of fully equipped seminar and conference rooms and business meeting rooms with discounts up to 40%.
  • Distribution of advertising materials through all Chamber communication channels with discounts up to 50%.
  • The right to submit proposals for changes in legislation and opportunities to lobby local and state institutions and authorities with a view to protecting the interests of business.
  • Issuance of references and certificates that the company is a member of the Chamber, as well as the right to use the logo of the Chamber with the inscription "Member of RCCI".
  • Acquisition of voting rights in the General Assembly of the Chamber, giving the right to active participation in decision-making related to the organization's activities.

Membership in the RTIK is bound by the payment of a membership fee for a period of one year. Your membership application can be submitted on the following page:


BIC Innobridge is an organization for supporting innovative start-up businesses, which follows the methodology, collective experience and applies the know-how of the European Network of Business and Innovation Centers (EBN – This is the first and only accredited BIC from the EBN network in Bulgaria. BIC Inobridge is an organization that promotes the development of innovation and virtual incubation of local entrepreneurs by providing services such as: trainings, seminars, consultations and other personalized services, depending on the specific needs, especially of young entrepreneurs and start-ups.

BIC Innobridge has highly qualified experts with experience in implementing projects under various EU-funded programs: e.g. CBC Romania-Bulgaria 2007-2013, FP7, ERASMUS, etc. The center has a modern infrastructure, which includes administrative office premises, fully equipped with laptops, desktop computers, multifunctional devices.

The center has a conference hall with a capacity of 35+ people, suitable for conferences, trainings, seminars and other suitable events. It is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, multimedia presentation facilities, flip chart boards, etc. In addition, the latter is equipped with high-quality Telepresence (VC) video conferencing equipment, developed with the aim of achieving as close as possible to the feeling of real interaction between participants. It can be used for both point-to-point meetings and multi-point meetings and simultaneous training in different formats and participants due to its universal compatibility. The latter allows the connection of the VC headquarters with practically all similar video conferencing centers around the world.

BIC INNOBRIDGE has experience in organizing various events such as: Business Innovation Conference, trainings and seminars for start-ups and young entrepreneurs aimed at building their capacity by enriching their competencies in the field of: financing, business planning, market entry and etc. It also organizes screening meetings to identify the needs of entrepreneurs for the development of their ideas and (potential) businesses, and based on them, the Center organizes consultations for entrepreneurs with highly specialized experts in the areas of the identified needs.

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