To me, it is an extraordinary honor, but at the same time a responsibility and a real challenge to lead an organization, which is famous with the fact that it is the first chamber of commerce established in Bulgaria.

During all its years of development, Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry has gone through many challenges, ups and economic downs, and yet it has always played a significant role and has been a key factor in the development of the local economy.

Nowadays, our efforts are connected with the implementation of successful initiatives and projects, the establishment of target partner networks and the provision of adequate business services, in order to further support the development of the local business environment.

Aware of its important role, our aspiration is aimed at making our region prosper, so that companies are successful, competitive and develop their potential to the maximum extent.

Milen Dobrev

Executive director
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The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is a nationally represented organization, part of the BCCI system, created to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of its members and assist in strengthening market-economic relations for the European and international integration of the region and the country.

Membership in RCCI is voluntary. The membership includes representatives of large, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as organizations working to support business.

RCCI supports the achievements of companies in the region, by providing them a wide range of modern business services and applying a flexible policy to protect the individual and collective interests of businesses in the region.

The main objectives of the Chamber are:

(1) The Chamber represents, protects, encourages and assists its members in optimizing the business conditions in the country and the region.

(2) The Chamber represents and defends the united interests of its members before the local authorities, but through the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) - before the central bodies of state power and government as well as other local and foreign international organizations with which the Chamber maintains partnerships directly or through the BCCI – Sofia.

(3) The Chamber encourages and assists its members to develop their potential and to increase their opportunities for participation in both the internal and the international markets. The Chamber has built a respectable reputation in the field of business services, both at regional, national and international level.


The main priorities of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry are:

  • Confirmation of the Chamber as the leading and unifying organization supporting business development in the region;
  • Strengthening the role of the Chamber in the field of regional development of Ruse Region and North Central Planning Region;
  • Strengthening the representative functions of the Chamber and effective interaction with local government structures, as well as the central government through the BTPP system, to achieve a favorable economic environment for business;
  • Optimizing and improving the efficiency of the Chamber for business support;
  • More active participation in national and international programs for financing and business support.
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Uniting the business community

RCCI is the organization that unites the local business community. As the largest and most representative regional organization, RCCI aims at being the “binding force” in the local business, to facilitate cooperation between companies and the establishment of contacts both in the country and abroad, thus developing successful business partnerships.

The Chamber’s activities are based on the principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-funding.

The Chamber is an officially recognized organization of employers, which represents and protects the economic interests of companies before institutions and works towards establishing fair and ethical relationships in the business sector.

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Contributing to the prosperity of the local economy and society

Over the years, a variety of activities and services have been developed, which stimulate the dynamic development of the local business. The leading goal is to improve the business operations of companies in order to be able to develop their capacity and carry out their business in a more successful and effective manner.

RCCI promotes and supports the achievements of companies in the region so that they are more competitive and develop well both on the local and international markets. In the long-term, it aims at establishing continuous interaction with companies, which will contribute to their successful development and the prosperity in the region.

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Improving regional competitiveness and achieving a favorable investment environment

RCCI implements effective interaction with the local government to achieve a favorable investment environment for the business sector, with which it established its reputation and recognizability in Ruse’s business community. The Chamber has been an active participant in the implementation of the policy of regional development of Ruse region and the North-Central region. Owing to the good cooperation and active participation in various initiatives, RCCI has focused its potential, expertise and efforts on shaping an attractive investment profile of the region.

As a local structure in support of business, the Chamber assists in the realization of many of the significant events in the region in support of promoting investment and favourable economic environment.


Establishing active international cooperation

RCCI has developed and established a wide partner network, which catalyzed the realization of a number of trade contacts. The intensive cooperation with foreign chambers, agencies, offices, embassies and representation offices of other countries has contributed towards the stimulation of the trade and economic relations with our region.

Owing to these contacts and the established reputation on an international level, RCCI has established itself as the connecting link between the business and the potential partners outside the country’s borders.

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Developing international partnerships and networks

RCCI puts a lot of effort on building strategic partnerships and relations with international organizations, which is a prerequisite for additional opportunities for companies in their search for partners. Due to these partnerships, a number of projects whose beneficiaries are the companies from the region have been and are still being implemented. One of the Chamber’s greatest achievements is the accreditation obtained in 2012 as the only Bulgarian full-fledged member of EBN - European Business and Innovation Centers Network – Brussels, Belgium.

The network unites 150 business and innovation centers and 100 other organizations, which work together in support of the development of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs, research and development activities, etc. Owing to its wide partner network and stable contacts, RCCI continues to work in various areas, which enables the organization to be of assistance to a large range of companies in the region.

Developing international partnerships and networks

Organizing exhibitions, seminars, business forums, and delegations

Much of the business support activity is carried out in the form of a number of projects, initiatives and events in various formats– B2B meetings, visits or participation in exhibitions, festivals, business presentations, seminars, etc. Meetings with representatives of different consulates and embassies in the Republic of Bulgaria are organized on an annual basis. The visits of foreign representatives are connected with study missions in the region of the city of Ruse and the economic opportunities it provides. The Chamber is recognized as a reliable partner and is either an initiator of or a participant in all significant events for the region.

Organizing exhibitions, seminars, business forums, and delegations

RCCI boasts exceptionally modern facilities and a conference hall for holding attended and video conference events. In practice, this provides an attractive and accessible opportunity for the local business to benefit from the unlimited potential of specialized equipment for making a live and quality video call to any part of the world for holding events in any format.

Investing in knowledge-based economy and developing innovation

The establishment of a Business and Innovation Center at the Chamber in 2009, which works towards strengthening the ties between science and the business sector, is an initiative that is emblematic of the region, which supports local businesses and start-ups in developing their innovative potential. Offering a flexible portfolio of incubation services, the Innobridge BIC has been working towards the development of a knowledge-based economy and development, transfer and application of innovations in all aspects of companies’ business operations.

Ever since 2016, RCCI has been the regional organizer of events in Ruse under the European Researchers’ Night initiative. By including the city in this large-scale pan-European initiative, the Chamber aims at showing to the young people that the world of science can be exciting, entertaining and interesting, with annual demonstrations of the novelties in the world of science and of how the implementation of innovations leads to improving everybody’s quality of life.

Investing in knowledge-based economy and developing innovation

Motivating future entrepreneurs and young leaders

Many of RCCI’s activities are focused on supporting entrepreneurship. Taking into account the regional specificities and potential opportunities, the Chamber implements a flexible policy to support start-ups in areas such as cultural and creative industries, ecology and sustainable business, social entrepreneurship, digital business, Industry 4.0, etc.

The global practice shows that it is extremely important and responsible to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of young people at an early stage, by helping them to discover and improve their skills and gain confidence in their own strengths and talents. This is also the reason why for 10 years now the Chamber has been a part of the most recognizable career guidance initiative in the country – “Manager for a day”, organized by Junior Achievement. In addition, numerous other initiatives are implemented, as well as active cooperation with educational institutions at all levels of education – comprehensive and vocational schools, universities, training centers, and institutes.

Motivating future entrepreneurs and young leaders


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