Agrointegra Ltd

EIK: 117679182

Agrointegra Ltd

Agrointegra EOOD is a company that has built its reputation as a reliable supplier of plant protection products, fertilizers and seeds for farmers. With its agricultural center and warehouse in the city of Slivo Pole, Ruse region, the company provides a complete assortment of necessary materials for farmers in the region, serving customers not only in the locality, but also in the wider region of North-Eastern Bulgaria.

Following the aspiration to produce cleaner food and protect the environment and biodiversity, Agrointegra EOOD actively promotes products for organic farming - bioagents, microbial preparations and plant-based ones. In addition, focusing on the needs of modern agriculture, the company offers a wide range of plant protection preparations and high-quality fertilizers suitable for different types of crops - from fruit species and vineyards to vegetable and field crops. Their product line is carefully selected and tested to provide customers with the best in supporting healthy growth and bountiful harvests.

Agrointegra EOOD takes a strong position in the field of providing qualified advice, understanding the complexities of crop protection and fertilization. The company's experts are trained to offer professional recommendations and share best practices with farmers, thereby contributing to increasing their productivity and crop sustainability. An emphasis in the company's activity is also providing assistance to farmers in preparing the required specific documentation, which is essential for the effective and responsible management of their agricultural practices.

The company fulfills its mission to support and develop agricultural producers with great dedication, constantly striving to provide products and services that meet high standards of quality and reliability. The partnership with Agrointegra EOOD guarantees not only access to first-quality agricultural products, but also to knowledge and experience that are valuable in the dynamic world of agribusiness.

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