BAB Consult EOOD

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BAB Consult Ltd

BAB Consult EOOD is a licensed personnel selection and consulting agency with registration number 3051 / 2020 in the Employment Agency, which was created with the idea of supporting employment on the territory of Bulgaria. They have offices in Ruse and Sofia, but they carry out their activities throughout the country.

BAB Consult was established with the mission of introducing proven employers in the country with valuable employees, thereby providing opportunities for people to gain professional fulfillment in their own country. They carry out recruitment and selection in the fields of business process outsourcing (BPO), information technology (IT), software engineers, the engineering industry, as well as in the fields of human resource management, administration, finance and marketing. In addition, the company carries out executive search activities.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Recruitment
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Simplify staffing and provide pre-validated candidates to save you time.
Search for management personnel
Search for management personnel
The goal is to find the perfect match for your business requirements, especially for experts and experienced personnel in key roles.
IT Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
IT recruitment and talent search
Finding and evaluating reliable IT candidates, providing them with a positive attitude, motivation to work in a team and development opportunities.
Selection of engineers
Recruiting engineers
Combining technical literacy with creative thinking to find candidates who can make your projects a reality.
Selection in the administration
Selection in the administration
Ensuring communication skills, computer literacy, motivation and foreign language skills of the candidates.
pass it on
pass it on
This service helps employers to look after the employees they have to make redundant by providing career counseling from specialists and psychologists and help in finding suitable work for the affected employees.

BAB Consult is driven by the belief that one can be happy and successful in Bulgaria, and they strive to change destinies by offering career opportunities and building strong client relationships. They are committed to loyalty, sincerity and constant improvement, making them an ideal partner for your business.

You can contact BAB Consult at a time convenient for you to explore their services and discuss how they can support your business needs.

We encourage you to contact BAB Consult and get to know up close the exceptional professionalism of the services they offer. Together we can build a stronger business community in Ruse.

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