Betuna Ltd

EIK: 206100205

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Activity: Hairdressing services, cosmetic services, manicure, pedicure, make-up, tailoring - own production and ishleme, internal and external trade with machines, spare parts and consumables for them; production of machines and spare parts for them; internal and external trade in industrial and non-industrial goods, agricultural products, real estate and others, including intellectual property products, barter transactions, leasing activity; publishing activity; educational activity - organization of trainings and qualifications; production and processing of industrial and non-industrial goods and products; intermediary and commission activity; commercial representation; construction and design activities; creation and maintenance of software products; hardware support; transport and forwarding activity of passengers and cargo, including international, customs representation; warehouse activity in the country and abroad; consulting activity, conducting courses and trainings; restaurant, hospitality and tourism; household services, as well as any other activity not prohibited by law or other normative act, such as licensed activities are exercised after obtaining the relevant license.