BTB Logistics Ltd

EIK: 117607237

БТБ Логистик ЕООД

Activity: Forwarding and transport activities in the country and abroad, logistics, customs services, leasing of warehouse space, domestic and foreign trade activities, know-how, specific operations, transit and barter transactions, hospitality, tourist services in the country and abroad, leasing, licenses, advertising and transport services for natural and legal foreign and local persons, car rental, currency trading in the country and abroad, representation of natural and legal persons /without legal representation/, intermediary, investment-supply, research, consulting, investment, engineering , marketing, construction and assembly, service activities in the country and abroad, restaurant business, production and sale of industrial and food goods, economic activity in free customs zones, collection and processing of secondary raw materials, purchase, sale and rental of all types of permitted by law movable and immovable property, service, construction and entrepreneurial de ity, organizing symposia and exhibitions, performing translations and legalization, as well as all activities not prohibited by law.