Bulmarket Group AD

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Bulmarket Group AD

Bulmarket Group AD is a leading company in Bulgaria, which owns over 20 subsidiaries operating in various sectors of the economy. With more than 1,400 employees, the company is structured in two main directions that complement each other - trading in mineral fuels and logistics, and production and trading of biodiesel, pharmaceutical glycerin and related products. Some of the most prestigious names in the industry fall under the umbrella of Bulmarket Group, such as Bulmarket DM, Bulmarket Rail Cargo, Bulmarket Motorsport and Port Bulmarket.

The second direction of the group is focused on the production and trade of biodiesel, pharmaceutical glycerin and other related products. The company owns and operates several biodiesel and pharmaceutical glycerin plants, as well as crude vegetable oil and meal plants, which are pioneers in their fields. These factories not only produce quality products, but also contribute significantly to the development of the country's biotechnological sector.

The group is distinguished by its impressive market success and is known for its active presence in the biodiesel trade in Europe. In recent years, "Astra Bioplant" - a key company in the group, ranks among the leading biodiesel traders in Europe. This success underlines the importance of the company in the European and global markets and contributes to its establishment as a leader in the industry.

In addition, Bulmarket Group AD occupies a significant position in the field of transport and logistics in Bulgaria, being the second largest carrier in the country and owning a significant share of the market. With active expansion in neighboring countries, the company aims to expand its market share and presence in the region. This includes significant investments in infrastructure and technology, as well as the development of a multifunctional terminal in the largest private port on the Danube River in Bulgaria, which is owned by the group. Bulmarket Group AD continues to expand its business horizon, strengthening its position as a leading player on the Bulgarian and international market.

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