Bulmarket DM EOOD

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Bulmarket Group JSC

The company BULMARKET DM EOOD was established in 1996 in Ruse, as the main business is related to the supply, production, storage and wholesale trade of energy products of mineral and non-mineral origin. In the beginning, the company started with a few employees, and today there are fifteen subsidiaries with over 1000 employees. As a fuel wholesaler, BULMARKET DM EOOD quickly ranks among the top 100 leading companies in Bulgaria. It is actively developing not only on the local market, but also in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia and the EU countries, occupying an increasingly significant share of the market. "Bulmarket DM" OOD is the first private railway carrier in Bulgaria. It has a license to carry out railway transport since October 21, 2005 for the transport of goods on the entire railway network in the Republic of Bulgaria. The company is the owner of a river port and a multifunctional terminal, which is unique in terms of opportunities in Bulgaria and includes the three types of transport - railway, road and water, connected to a common gas pipeline and product pipeline network, with a warehouse and service pump-compressor stations.

BULMARKET DM EOOD has several terminals for gas and oil products in Bulgaria and Romania, and part of the deliveries to them are made by river and sea.

The key position of the company for the economy of the region and the country is indisputable, and therefore it has successfully established itself on the market for alternative fuels - LPG, CNG, LNG.

In the next five years, the BULMARKET DM EOOD company is planning serious investments in both the existing and upcoming production facilities, so that they are environmentally friendly.


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