Velikov Computers Ltd

EIK: 200480380

Velikov Computers EOOD (Improvin, Improvinn) is a consulting company that works in two directions at the same time - operational and motivational management.

The company has its own developments, which it uses in its projects for improvements and creation of constantly improving companies:

  1. Small Improvement Projects.

A management tool that develops the internal motivation of the staff and creates the foundations of constantly improving companies. An element has also been added that reinforces developing features in the participants' way of thinking. Workshops with Lego Serious Play, TRIZ, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Improvin cards are used for implementation.

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  1. Defragmented management.

A way of organizing people and processes that eliminates some of the main problems:

  • re-planning orders
  • great lead time for orders
  • conflicts between departments
  • late orders
  1. Creative thinking.

A series of trainings that develop participants' creative thinking through Lego Serious Play workshops and Improvin cards. Also added a tutorial on creating conditions for entering a Flow state.

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