Gera Ltd

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Gera Ltd

Gera Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of bathroom furniture, including cabinets with built-in sinks and mirror modules with and without built-in lighting. Established in 1992, Gera Ltd. provides full waterproofing of all input materials to ensure reliability and long life. The company uses waterproof materials such as PVC and UPS (impact-resistant polystyrene) and high-quality waterproof polyurethane varnishes and moisture-resistant crystal mirrors from leading European manufacturers to create spectacular decorative coatings.

Gera Ltd. offers unique, modern interior solutions and offers non-standard furniture in addition to its serial production. Different color solutions have been developed according to the color range of the world's leading manufacturers of sanitary ware.

Customers can expect high quality products and services from Gera Ltd. All products have a 36-month written warranty and guaranteed and out-of-warranty service. The company also manufactures, supplies and installs shower enclosures and screens from high-quality thermo-tempered float glass, available in clear, frosted and stamped glass.

In addition to its core product offerings, Gera Ltd. provides services for advertising companies. The company has a high-tech milling machine that allows precise cutting of straight and curved parts from polystyrene, plexiglass and PVC.

Gera Ltd. offers a wide range of frameless shower enclosures and screens, including 90 ̊, 135 ̊ and 180 ̊ cabins, static screens and cabins with sliding doors. The company also offers accordion-type glass partitions and glass doors for bathrooms, rooms, offices and other premises. Glass options are clear, frosted and bronze, and mats can be patterned upon request.

Gera Ltd. uses hardware from leading global manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality of its products. Choose Gera Ltd. for all your bathroom and shower cubicle furniture needs.

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