Degree – 98 AD

EIK: 123120561

Degree - 98 AD

Founded in 1992 by the brothers Luka and Ivan Angelovi, "Gradus - 98 AD" is established as the largest producer of poultry meat in Bulgaria. With more than 25 years on the market, the company is proud of its presence on every Bulgarian table, offering products that have become a symbol of quality and tradition.

"Gradus - 98 JSC" is an example of a company that follows strict standards in the entire production process, from feed plant and hatchery, through farms for parent flocks and broiler fattening, to poultry processing facilities. This allows the company to control the quality of its produce at every stage, ensuring freshness and quality to its customers.

Testimony of the popularity and recognition of the "Gradus" brand are the conducted surveys. According to them, the company's products are found in 95% of Bulgarian households, and "Gradus" is associated with chicken meat by almost every consumer in the country. In 2015, the brand was awarded the Superbrand title in the Meat Foods category, thanks to the independent survey of Superbrands and GfK Bulgaria.

In 2017, "Gradus - 98 JSC" was listed as the leader in the category of fresh packaged meat by the Swiss institute ICERTIAS, receiving the Best Buy award for the best price-quality ratio on the Bulgarian market. This distinction is further proof of the company's commitment to providing high quality products at competitive prices.

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