Evebra Ltd. (eCommerceAcademy)

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Evebra Ltd. (eCommerceAcademy)

eCommerceAcademy, under the management of Evebra Ltd., is an innovative community of e-merchants, service providers for online stores, and experts in the field of online sales. Established in 2016, the academy focuses on developing and supporting its members through the exchange of experience and best practices. The launch of its activity was marked by the organization of one of the largest and most significant conferences in the field of electronic commerce in Bulgaria, held in the city of Ruse.

In the following years, eCommerceAcademy established itself as a key organizer of conference formats, while also becoming a generator of quality content. Among the most popular formats are "eCommerce Academy Conference", "Sell successfully in Romania and Greece", "Sell successfully on Amazon" and "Legal and tax aspects in eCommerce". These events attract participants from all over the country, helping to bring the community together and share knowledge.

After 2020, in response to global challenges, eCommerceAcademy events begin to take place in hybrid formats, reaching a wider audience. The Academy also creates a variety of video formats that enjoy significant interest and attract a large following. From the end of 2021, the audience also has the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge from the academy podcast, hosted by the creator and main organizer Nikola Ilchev, where real stories of e-marketers are presented.

eCommerceAcademy has managed to build lasting partnerships with leading companies in the field of online sales, including Speedy, eMAG, VTEX, NetInfo, Paysera, Stenik, euShipments.com, Mediapost Hit Mail, Metrika, CallFlow and many others. These partnerships contribute to providing valuable resources and opportunities to the academy's members, strengthening its position as a leading force in e-commerce and online education.

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