Express Service-OOD OOD

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Express Service-OOD OOD

Express Service Ltd., with headquarters in Ruse, continues the rich history of locomotive production and repair in Bulgaria, dating back to 1866. After the transition from LVZ "Vasil Kolarov", the company managed to transform itself and re-establish itself as a leading national center for locomotive repair and production. Combining many years of experience with modern technologies and innovations, Express Service Ltd. now represents a modern enterprise with highly qualified personnel and equipment unique in the country for the repair and production of various types of locomotives.

The company develops activity in three main directions: repair, production of new locomotives and freight railway transport, focusing on providing quality and individualized solutions for its customers. The new and modernly equipped buildings of the plant in Obraztsov Chiflik near Ruse enable the production of diesel and battery shunting locomotives, as well as the repair and maintenance of all types of electric and diesel locomotives.

Among the customers of Express Service OOD are the largest private railway carriers and industrial enterprises in Bulgaria. The company has successfully implemented its new shunting locomotives in international markets in Europe, Asia and Africa, underscoring its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability.

Express Service Ltd. is dedicated to improvement and innovation in the locomotive industry, aiming to maintain and develop the 150-year tradition in the railway sector. The company believes in the power of cooperation and partnership, striving to provide reliable solutions for its customers and to contribute to the development of railway transport in Bulgaria and around the world. Express Service Ltd. welcomes everyone who shares their passion for rail and is open to new ideas and partnerships that support economic growth and innovation in the sector.

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