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Express Service-OOD OOD


In 1866, a workshop was established in Ruse to service the locomotives on the first railway line from Ruse to Varna. In the years after Liberation, our enterprise grew into a large locomotive and wagon repair plant with BDZ and smaller industrial locomotive owners as the only customers. Our enterprise, known under the name of LVZ "Vasil Kolarov" under socialism, serviced steam, diesel and electric locomotives, freight and passenger wagons and EMUs.

After the collapse of the planned economy and the decline of the BDZ, production at the plant declined sharply and it ceased operations at the beginning of the new century. With the development of these processes, we founded a new legal entity - Express Service Ltd. - which attracted the best specialists from the locomotive plant, the know-how and the best customers.

With gradual investments in buildings, equipment and facilities, today we are again the only locomotive factory in Bulgaria and continue the 150-year tradition.


Express Service Ltd. is the national leader in locomotive repairs and the only enterprise producing new locomotives in Bulgaria. We develop activity in three areas related to locomotives - repair, production of new locomotives and freight railway transport. Our main activity is concentrated in our factory at Obraztsov Chiflik station near Ruse. Here we manufacture diesel and battery shunting locomotives and repair and maintain all types of electric and diesel locomotives for our Bulgarian customers.

Our factory buildings are new and well equipped. Our railway enterprise is not only the oldest, but currently also the most modern in Bulgaria. We have equipment, facilities and know-how that are unique in the country for the repair of electric and diesel locomotives, EMV, DMV and other specialized railway equipment. More than 130 of Bulgaria's best engineers and locomotive repair specialists work in our plant. We have staff specializing in electronics, electrical equipment, mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechatronics. With our own design team, we design new locomotives that meet all modern requirements.

At the moment, our customers in terms of our repair services are the largest private railway carriers, as well as individual industrial enterprises - owners of locomotives. We sell our new shunting locomotives on the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa.

We are proud of our plant and our team, our traditions in locomotive work dating back 150 years. Based on our rich history and experience, we are confident in our enterprise and in the worthy continuation of the tradition.

Mission and Vision

At Express Service, our goal is to help anyone who does rail transport and owns locomotives. We are committed to the success of our customers, our employees and, by extension, the success of our own enterprise.

We believe that we can contribute significantly to the success of our customers - the railway carriers, as well as to the success of the railway business as a whole. We do this in two ways - we manufacture new quality and economical locomotives and we repair and maintain our customers' locomotives.

Our top priority is continuous improvement. At Express Service, we constantly monitor, analyze and improve the quality of our locomotives, our repairs, our factory processes, and the environment. Thanks to our customers, their experience and knowledge, we strive to achieve the best global practices and standards in the locomotive industry. We listen to the recommendations of our partners and experienced employees to build better locomotives and make better repairs.

Our locomotive plant has its doors open to all - customers, colleagues, railway professionals, railway fans. Everyone is welcome with us! We love the railway as we have for the last 150 years. We are happy when someone is interested in our plant or simply wants to take pictures of the interesting locomotives on our repair tracks.

We welcome customer reviews - sometimes this is the start of long-lasting partnerships.

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