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Elvi Ltd

Elvi Ltd., founded in 2007, is a market-leading construction company headquartered in Ruse, Bulgaria. The company specializes in the construction and maintenance of electrical, plumbing and OV installations, providing complex solutions for residential and commercial areas. Elvi Ltd. is also a reputable distributor and service provider of various brands and products, including pellet equipment and heating systems. Their team of highly experienced professionals provides first class service for every project.


  1. Electrical installations: Elvi Ltd. offers complete internal electrical installations for residential and commercial buildings, including production of electrical panels and cassettes, lighting installations, construction of KIP and A for pumping stations and boiler and commissioning activities for industrial sites and private homes. They also provide lightning rod installations with mast or preemptive action.
  2. Electronics and automation: With extensive experience in the construction of installations for homes and offices, Elvi Ltd. offers services for remote control and monitoring of installed equipment, accessible through an Internet connection.
  3. Heating installations and boiler rooms: The company carries out complete construction of internal pipelines, installation of heating elements, boiler equipment and KIP and A for heating installations. Their services include design, warranty and out-of-warranty servicing of heating systems. For the convenience of its customers, Elvi Ltd. delivers all equipment with company transport.
  4. Solar panels and systems: Elvi Ltd. has extensive experience in the design and construction of complete solar domestic hot water systems, including systems with a combination of other thermal energy sources for domestic hot water (DHW). They offer delivery, installation and service of solar systems.
  5. Combustion of biomass: Since 2006, the company has been engaged in the design and service of boilers, pellet fireplaces and pellet burners, with an emphasis on the combustion of biomass (pellets).
  6. Plumbing installations and facilities: Elvi Ltd. specializes in indoor plumbing and sewage installations, works with various types of pipes and offers installation services for a wide range of sanitary ware. They also offer solutions for domestic water supply for sites with boreholes and without connection to the domestic water supply network, supplying the necessary pumps.
  7. Automatic irrigation systems: For places with extensive green vegetation, Elvi Ltd. designs and builds automatic irrigation systems for effective landscape maintenance.
  8. Licensed repair and service: The company is a licensed service provider for all WILO equipment, a leading German manufacturer of pumps for the domestic and industrial sectors. They are also a licensed service provider of New Energy Systems (NES), Shumen, a manufacturer of heating equipment and hot water boilers and pellet equipment from M-TASH.

Partnerships and collaborations:
Elvi OOD maintains close partnership relations with several companies, including:

  1. GREEN ECO THERM, Haskovo - Production base for heating
  2. Dixie, Gabrovo
  3. START ECO, Shumen
  4. NES - New energy systems, Shumen
  5. WILO - Bulgaria, Sofia
  6. STEMA RS, Ruse
  7. INTERMETAL, Ruse office
  8. CABLE COMMERCE, Ruse office
  9. ELMA, Ruse office

In addition, Elvi Ltd. has built stable partnerships with the following brands, acting as a distributor and service provider for their products:

  1. WILO
  3. ECOTERM Haskovo
  4. PELAS Poland
  5. PELLASX – Polish manufacturer of pellet equipment
  7. Pellet fireplaces ECOSPAR
  8. Pellet fireplaces PALAZZETTI (Italy)

These strategic partnerships and collaborations enable Elvi OOD to offer a diverse range of products and services, providing high-quality solutions for its customers.

Elvi Ltd. has established itself as a reputable and reliable provider of services for the construction and maintenance of electrical, plumbing, heating and automated systems. Their dedication to providing European quality products and services at affordable prices has made them a market leader in the Ruse region. With a team of experienced professionals and strong partnerships with well-known brands and companies, Elvi Ltd. is ready to continue to offer outstanding solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

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