Electra - Dimitar Dimitrov ET

EIK: 040544796


Electra - Dimitar Dimitrov ET

The company "Electra - Dimitar Dimitrov" ET started its activity in 1990. Works in the field of electronics - auto electronics and all types of GPS systems, video surveillance and security systems.

The company offers its customers fast and quality service based on many years of experience, selected staff of qualified specialists, modern equipment for high-tech services and innovative diagnostic equipment.

Avtoelektronika Elektra car service is a service and commercial complex with about 1200 square meters of working area in the city of Ruse, 68 Gotse Delchev Blvd.

For the convenience of customers, the company also has a service center at 17 Vidin Street.

At the same address, the company store offers a wide range of xenon lights and elements for their installation, imported by "PSP Computers" OOD - official importer of LUXIMA products for Bulgaria. "Electra - Dimitar Dimitrov" ET is an authorized service for their installation.

Autoelectronics Electra Service offers the following services for light trucks and trucks:

  • Computer diagnostics of electronic control units (clearing accumulated errors)
  • KTS diagnostics and repair of gasoline and diesel engines
  • Repair of starters, alternators and electrical equipment
  • Computer diagnostics and repair of gasoline and diesel injection systems ABS, SRS, etc.
  • Periodic reviews
  • Repair of the electronics in the car
  • Repairs to the vehicle's electrical system
  • Maintenance and repair of the air conditioning system
  • Installation of Car audio systems, CD, DVD, TV, Multimedia
  • Professional sound system for cars
  • Installation and update of the vehicle's navigation system
  • Installation of GPS tracking systems
  • Installation of alarm systems
  • Installation and repair of all types of immobilizers, Bluetooth, parking sensors
  • Repair of computers, modules and electronic boards of cars
  • Repair and installation of central locking, electric windows, electric mirrors
  • Repair of electric stoves on buses, trucks and buses
  • Installation of xenon systems
  • Repair of electric vehicles
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Changing oils, filters, etc.