EIK: 117043612



Activity: Production and trade of all kinds of goods in raw and processed form from industry and agriculture, including feed and their components, processing and purchase - sale in the country and abroad of all cultivated and wild fruits, mushrooms, vegetables in fresh, dry, frozen and preserved state, including herbs, oleaginous, essential and other plants, as well as their derivatives in substances. Foreign and domestic wholesale and retail trade of all kinds of goods, namely agricultural, industrial, fruit and vegetable, as well as their production. Transport activity with cars, light trucks and trucks, buses and vans. Service of individuals and legal entities with agricultural equipment, construction equipment and specialized equipment for electrical construction of high and low voltage. Design and construction of various electrical facilities for high and low voltage as well as their operation. Organization of car service activity. Production of all kinds of electrical appliances and consumables/insulators/for high voltage in our own production plant after proper licenses from hek of the Republic of Bulgaria. Tourist activity in the country and abroad of our and foreign individuals and legal entities. Construction, design and purchase - sale of real estate. Mediation and commission. Leasing activity. Commercial representation and mediation /without procedural/. Import - export, re-export, barter transactions, foreign economic activity and engineering activity. Opening of currency exchange bureaus, financial houses and pawn shops after obtaining licenses and permits from the Ministry of Finance. Construction and operation of facilities and enterprises for primary and other processing, and if licenses and permits are requested for some of them, then after their issuance, such as - dairies, gas stations, general and cold storage, parking lots, shops, restaurants, trade in petroleum products. Construction of branches in the country and abroad in compliance with the statutory norms in the country.

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