ES Trans Ltd

EIK: 827105916

Ес Транс ООД

Activity: Trade in cars and agricultural machinery, spare parts and accessories for them, as well as their service, transport, taxi and forwarding activities in the country and abroad, pehtakap and driver training, leasing, consulting, marketing, stock exchange and investment activities, representation , advertising, production, processing, storage and trade in agricultural products, industrial and other goods. Additional subject of activity - sale of goods of own production; purchase of goods or other items with the aim of being resold in their original or processed form through import, export, re-export, barter, counter, compensation and other foreign trade transactions and commercial transactions on the territory of the country; purchase, construction or furnishing of real estate for the purpose of sale; commercial representation and mediation; domestic and international tourism with all accompanying activities. Additional subject of activity - production and trade, import and export of perfumery and cosmetic products.