Ivanov-Companies – Ivan Ivanov ET

EIK: 030180198


Ivanov-Companies - Ivan Ivanov ET

Activity: Production, purchase, processing, processing, sale of agricultural produce, transport services, services with agricultural machinery, production and sale of non-alcoholic beverages, sewing of sleepwear, women's and children's clothing and sale thereof, production and sale of pasta and sugar products and grill, sale of beer, scientific, scientific-applied and development activities, implementation of technologies, equipment and products in the country and abroad, engineering, marketing, organizational, intermediary advertising, typing and catalog activity, offers, expertise, engineering value analyses, reviews , consulting, copyright supervision, investor control, pipe installation, mock-up, modeling, design, interior, impresario activity, import and export, production, adjustment and commissioning of machines, facilities and installations, design, construction-assembly and repair activity, drilling activity, wholesale and retail trade in the country and abroad, commercial activity, production, collects not buying, processing and selling herbs and mushrooms, not prohibited by law, growing the same, catching and placing snails and fish, placing pheasants, beekeeping, gardening, renting things, equipment and machines, knitting, production of boutiques, economic consulting, analysis and financial and accounting services, creation and implementation of software products, installation, repair and service of microprocessor equipment, auto repair and auto body services, production of details and products from metal, plastic, ceramics, leather, textiles, wood , opening, operation of drinking establishments for coffee, syrups, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, nuts, solid snacks, opening and operation of commercial establishments, catering establishments, hotel industry, tourist services, commission trade, typing services, translation activity, production of goods and services for the population and trade with them, export of goods and services - own production and that of other companies, import of goods and services intended and not intended for own business activity, commercial representation, mediation and agency of foreign persons and companies in the country and abroad, organization of press conferences, fashion reviews, concerts, markets, auctions, competitions, business meetings in the country and abroad with own and hired means of transport, preparation of documents for travel in the country and abroad, sewing of all kinds of clothing and sale of the same, production of calendars, business cards, invitations with screen printing.

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