Infoconsult Ruse EOOD

EIK: 201937420

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Activity: internal and external trade, export, import, re-export, barter transactions and exchange of goods for consumption, food. goods, nutritional supplements, agricultural products. production, industrial raw materials, spare parts, machines, equipment, organizational and household appliances; commission trading, mediation, representation and agency of our and foreign companies, individuals and legal entities; technical management and investor control of construction sites, construction and construction-assembly, construction-repair activity of buildings and facilities in the country and abroad; software development, domain registration, hosting services, development and maintenance of websites, conducting computer literacy courses; production, purchase, processing and trade of agricultural products; tourist services - domestic and international tourism; transport services - taxi, agricultural machinery, transport of passengers and cargo in the country and abroad; loading and unloading operations; organization and operation of electronic, mechanical and other fun-entertainment games; opening and operation of mixed commercial establishments, catering establishments, drinking establishments; rental of goods, machines and cars; barber and hairdressing services and cosmetics, commercial activity in the country and abroad, commercial activity with oil derivatives and gas, commercial activity with farm produce and cereals, auto tin and car service activity, sports activity, advertising activity, design and construction, consulting activity, intermediary activity, commission activity, impresario activity, forwarding activity, hotel and restaurant business, publishing activity, wholesale trade and transport of liquid fuels, security activity, customs brokerage, radio and television activity, provider of communication services, etc. services and activities not prohibited by law /for licensed activities, after issuing the relevant license/.

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