Irida-N – Dimka Nenova ET

EIC: 030138377

Irida-N - Dimka Nenova ET

Activity: Production, purchase, processing and trading of agricultural and livestock products, with birds, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, honey, herbs, bulbs; production and trade of sugar, pasta, meat, dairy, chocolate products, soft drinks, peanuts, nuts, coffee, tea, syrups, juices, ice creams, hot and cold sandwiches; trade in alcoholic beverages; cargo and passenger taxi services in the country and abroad; tourist services in the country and abroad; manufacturing and trading of fabrics, clothing, boutique clothing and footwear; carpentry, tailoring, tinsmithing, painting, translation, accounting services; car repair and repair of household appliances; trade in ctdkm for household and industrial goods and spare parts; agrarian and agricultural services - ploughing, sowing, mowing, harvesting, digging; trade in perfumery products; production and sale of spare parts for cars and agricultural machinery; barter transactions, import, export, commercial mediation between our and foreign companies and citizens.

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