Kaolin EAD

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Kaolin EAD

Established way back in 1923, Kaolin EAD is the oldest operating mining enterprise in Bulgaria.

Today, Kaolin EAD is the only company in Southeast Europe that provides a full range of industrial minerals for the production of glass and ceramics, and is one of the largest producers of fireclay in the world. It operates 8 concentrators in the country and manages several subsidiaries in Serbia and Ukraine. Kaolin EAD's markets extend to more than 30 countries around the world – from Southeast Europe and Russia through North Africa, the Middle and Middle East to India, South Korea and the USA.

The company provides key materials with applications in construction, the foundry industry, the filtration of drinking water, the production of glass, ceramics, feed and many other areas of the economy. The product portfolio extends to nearly 200 varieties of the main industrial minerals produced – quartz sand, enriched, finely bleached and ground kaolin, fireclay, limestone, dolomite, feldspar and clay.

Since 2013 The sole owner of Kaolin EAD is the German group Quarzwerke, which, after more than 130 years of success in the industry, has the firm intention of continuing to develop as a family enterprise and investing in the sustainable development of the company. Thanks to its inclusion in one of the most powerful European conglomerates in the field of extraction and processing of industrial minerals, Kaolin EAD is today fully integrated in the European mining industry. The exchange of technology and know-how with factories in Germany, Austria, Poland and a number of other countries draws bright prospects for the introduction of high-tech production in Bulgaria, and for the transformation of our country into a key factor in the field of industrial mineral processing and product creation with high added value.

Kaolin EAD is a structure-determining enterprise for the Bulgarian economy. We are happy to create a livelihood in one of the least developed regions of the country and give a chance to dozens of small and medium enterprises that help us in the accompanying activities.

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