Mi-Ra – Petya Nedkova ET

EIK: 117500258

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Activity: Trade in the country and abroad in all goods permitted by law, production of all goods permitted by law, transportation of passengers and goods in the country and abroad, including taxi services, tourist services, advertising services, construction, auto repair and auto repair services, translations , accounting services, tailoring services, hotel and restaurant business, opening and operation of ovens, carpentry services, repair of household appliances, mechanical engineering, production and trade of agricultural products of plant and animal origin, sale of auto parts, painting services, hairdressing and barber services, commercial mediation, including in real estate transactions, commercial representation, goldsmith services, photographic services, organization of entertainment electronic games, collection and trade of herbs, purchase and trade of secondary raw materials, cultivation of agricultural land for payment, typing services, as well as any other legally permitted Art.

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