Motoreta Group Ltd

EIK: 206916991

Motoreta Group Ltd

Motoreta Group is a dynamic Bulgarian company in the production of electric scooters, created with the vision of demonstrating that high-quality innovations can gain strength on Bulgarian soil. Founded in the Danube city of Rousse, the company has traveled the world and returned with a mission to change the perception of mobility at home. Their first model, the D1, was officially launched in August 2016 after an extensive development and certification process.

The history of Motoretta Group begins with a bold idea - to end the compromises between price and quality in the industry. From off-brand vehicles to its own product, the company quickly became a symbol of innovation. With the creation of the Motoretta D1, the team aims to offer a scooter that combines safety, beauty and comfort - an optimal solution for the urban environment.

In the process of creating the D1, Motoretta Group did not compromise on quality. Hundreds of components are tested to select those that meet the company's strict standards. The product has passed numerous quality and safety tests, including in the State Motor Vehicle Agency in England and in Luxembourg, which guarantees its high standards.

Motoretta Group's philosophy is that when something is done with love and dedication, the results always exceed expectations. The team continues to work hard to improve their products, maintaining a high standard and innovative spirit, which makes them a reliable supplier in the field of electric scooters in Bulgaria and beyond.

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