Nefes – Nurshen Akif ET

EIK: 040417749

Nefes - Nurshen Akif ET

Activity: Production, purchase, processing and sale of agricultural, industrial, animal products, bread, bakery and confectionery products, carbonated non-alcoholic and natural drinks, honey and bee products, household and consumer goods, fish and fish products in own and rented reservoirs and premises, of marble for domestic and industrial needs, of furniture and furnishings, commercial activity, import and export, barter transactions, commission trade and occasion, light and freight taxi transport in the country and abroad, restaurant and hotel business , organizing excursions with own and hired transport in the country and abroad, tourist activity, intermediary activity and representation of our and foreign citizens and companies, loading and unloading activity, typing and shorthand, photographic, turning, locksmith, financial and accounting, reproduction, carpentry , car repair and car painting services, musical and artistic activity and sale of musical instruments, sound recordings, sound fashion shows, concerts, bazaars, competitions, business meetings, publishing, advertising and impresario activity and design, distribution of our and foreign printed and musical works, marketing and leasing, forwarding activity, organization of art exhibitions, antiquarian activity, shop for currency exchange, purchase and sale and repair of agricultural machinery and equipment, sewing, embroidery, tailoring and design of men's, women's, children's and boutique clothing, hand and machine knitting, tapestries, damasks, souvenirs and toys.

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