Oberösterreichische Biodiesel - Bulgaria EOOD

EIK: 202451089


Oberöstereihishe Biodiesel - Bulgaria EOOD

The company is engaged in the production of biodiesel and pharmaceutical glycerin. The production capacity of the plant is 100,000 tons of biodiesel and 10,000 tons of glycerin per year. The site is located on part of the territory of the former KTM - Ruse, on the very bank of the Danube River.

Based on Art. 65, Para. 11 of the Law on Excises and Tax Warehouses, we inform you that the licensed warehousekeeper OBERYOSTERAYHISHE BIODIESEL BULGARIA EOOD DOES NOT have free storage capacity for use by the persons under Art. 47, para. 12 and 13 of the Act on excise duties and tax warehouses.

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