Optima - VKR EOOD

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Activity: Domestic and foreign trade, export, import, re-export, barter transactions and exchange of consumer goods, foodstuffs and agricultural produce, industrial raw materials, spare parts, machinery, equipment, appliances and apparatus, organizational machinery and household appliances, trade in medicines and medicinal preparations, commission trade, mediation, representation and agency of our and foreign companies, individuals and legal entities, technical management and investor control of construction sites, construction, construction - assembly work, repair work of buildings and facilities in the country and abroad, production , purchase, collection, procurement, processing, packaging and sale of agricultural products, tourist services, international and domestic tourism, organization and operation of electronic, mechanical and other fun - entertainment games, transport, taxi services, agricultural machinery, passenger transport and loads in the country and abroad, loading and unloading activities, disclosure and operation of mixed commercial establishments, catering establishments, drinking establishments and coffee shops - confectionery, non-alcoholic beverages, advertising activity and marketing, rental of goods, machines and cars, hospitality, car repair services and repair of household appliances, production activity , mechanical engineering, manufacturing and wholesale and retail of ready-made garments and tailoring services. Leasing of own real estate and other activities with real estate, as well as any other commercial activity not prohibited by law. Activities for which permits or licenses are required will be carried out after obtaining them.

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