Office Group BG Ltd

EIK: 201978117

Офис Груп БГ ЕООД

Activity: Commercial representation and mediation; transport services, domestic and international carriage of goods and passengers, and forwarding; commission, consignment, warehouse and leasing transactions; production of goods, including excise goods for the purpose of sale, after license; hotel industry, restaurant industry, cafeteria; performing massages and rehabilitation services; sauna, fitness, hairdressing and beauty services, after permission; tour operator, tourist and agent activity and provision of additional tourist services, after license; information, reservation, business and other services; international tourism, excursions in the country and abroad; opening and operation of currency exchange bureaus, currency exchange, after authorization; security activity, after permission; conducting training and professional qualification; production and trade in products, raw materials and materials, metals and others; purchase, design, construction and furnishing of real estate for the purpose of sale, rental or provision for tourist services; purchase of goods or other items with the aim of reselling them in their original, processed or processed form; internal and external trade, export, import, re-export, barter transactions and exchange of consumer goods, foodstuffs, food supplements, agricultural produce, industrial raw materials, spare parts, machines, devices, organizational and household equipment; sale of alcohol and tobacco products, after permission; engineering activity; construction and construction - assembly works; technical management and investor control of construction sites; loading and unloading operations; rental of parking lots, real estate, cars; bills of exchange, promissory notes and checks; warehouse deals; customs brokerage; licensing deals; stock control; intellectual property deals; accounting, marketing, managerial, advertising and publishing activities; information services, as well as all other activities not prohibited by Bulgarian legislation, subject to compliance with the current permit and license regimes.