Petar Karaminchev AD

EIK: 117000995

Petar Karaminchev AD

"Peter Karaminchev" AD, a subsidiary of "Synergon Holding" AD, is a leading player in the field of warehousing with a main focus on the storage and dispatch of diesel fuel and biodiesel. Located in the Eastern Industrial Zone of the city of Ruse, the company's storage facility has 7 tanks with a total capacity of 14,000 cubic meters and modern installations for blending with biodiesel, which allows efficient management of fuel resources.

The history of "Peter Karaminchev" AD dates back to 1928, when it began its journey as a manufacturer of rubber products under the name "Eternit". Over the years, the company underwent a significant transformation, and in the period 1960-1964 established itself as the main producer of plasticized polyvinyl chloride products and polyurethane products in Bulgaria. After discontinuing these productions in 2004, the focus shifted to commercial activity and subsequent specialization in warehousing in 2008.

The management policy of "Peter Karaminchev" AD is strictly aimed at protecting health and safety at the workplace, as well as at protecting the environment. The company's management has demonstrated a strong commitment to high standards in all aspects of its operations, which is confirmed by an updated Safety Report approved by the IAES to the Ministry of the Environment.

The warehouse of "Peter Karaminchev" AD is a licensed tax warehouse under the Law on Excise and Tax Warehouses, ensuring a high level of control and security in the processing and storage of diesel fuel and biodiesel. The company continues to be a key player in the sector and contributes to the development of the regional and national energy infrastructure.

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