Port Bulmarket EAD

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Port Bulmarket EAD

Port PORT BULMARKET EAD is the largest private port for public transport on the Danube River in Bulgaria. It offers a diverse palette of services, great flexibility in implementing complex solutions that are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The port is for public transport of regional importance, according to the Law on Sea Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria. PORT BULMARKET EAD is a port operator and, on the basis of Order No. 3-76 / 05.03.2014 of the "Maritime Administration" Agency, the city of Sofia has gained access to the market of port services - as a port for public transport of regional importance "Port Bulmarket ” – Ruse, with registration code 421100.

  • It is located on the banks of the Danube river from km 484.150 to km 484.800
  • Total length of the coastline – 825 m.

In the easternmost part of the port (berth 7), a terminal for dangerous goods has been built: propane - butane, crude oil, petroleum products (diesel, gas oil, oils), with an area of 3,177 m². The terminal has a floating transshipment installation with a pump-compressor station for carrying out transshipment activities. All possibilities for transshipment between ship and shore and vice versa are foreseen.

The processing of oil and oil products and other bulk cargoes is carried out with two pumps, each with a flow rate of 100 m3/hour, located at the transshipment facility.

A second pontoon has been placed at berth No. 6, which is registered with the "Maritime Administration", the city of Ruse, with the status of a floating transshipment facility for the processing of bulk oil cargoes, vegetable oils and biodiesel from specialized ships (tankers) to licensed customs warehouses and vice versa .

PORT BULMARKET EAD has its own maneuvering thruster "STELLA" as well as a replacement group to provide better and complex services to its customers. All maneuvering activity of vessels and servicing of unmanned vessels in the port area and in particular in other ports is carried out by the crew of the maneuvering vessel and the crew of the replacement group. Motor thruster "STELLA" is certified for operation with dangerous goods, which allows the maneuvering, servicing and securing of unmanned vessels carrying dangerous goods.

The personnel serving the two transshipment facilities have many years of experience in the field of dangerous goods, which guarantees fast and trouble-free transshipment of the goods. The two terminals have a developed fire-fighting infrastructure, powered by two independent water sources, which, in combination with the competent specialists, guarantees the rapid handling of any emergency situation.

The port is connected via the industrial branch with the railway. lines in Ruse and is the owner of this branch – 6 km from Ruse Sever station to BULMARKET station and 11 km. tracks in the industrial area.

The port has a railway scale and two truck scales for determining the tonnage of cargo when handling ships, wagons and cars.

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