Prista Oil Holding AD

EIK: 121516626

Prista Oil Holding AD

Prista Oil Holding AD is a leading Bulgarian company with a diverse range of activities, which includes the production and distribution of motor and industrial oils, lubricants and special fluids. This activity is developed entirely by the company itself and its international affiliates. In addition, through the structure of Monbat - one of the leaders of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, Prista Oil also occupies a significant place in the battery business. Products are distributed in over 45 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa, establishing the company as a leader in its sector.

The production facilities of Prista Oil have been built and developed in accordance with the most modern and innovative technologies. The wide range of products is the result of the company's own research and excellent cooperation with world leaders in the petrochemical industry such as Chevron, Gulf Oil Marine, Lubrizol and others. Prista Oil owns its own factories in Bulgaria and Uzbekistan, where it produces its oils, lubricants and special fluids.

The mission of Prista Oil Holding AD is to support the sustainable growth of the business of its customers, offering them individually adapted technical solutions, expertise in the field of lubrication, services related to product application, as well as a wide portfolio of oils, lubricants and special fluids . The company guarantees competitive trading conditions, local support and regional availability, as well as advanced environmental control systems.

Prista Oil Holding's team consists of 500 professionals in 9 countries on 3 continents, including technical experts in research and development, skilled personnel in production units and laboratories, dedicated key account managers and dedicated customer service agents. The company develops and implements numerous projects in the fields of culture, education, healthcare, environmental protection, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, sports, religion and others, demonstrating its commitment to improving life in society.

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