Svobodna Zona-Ruse EAD

EIK: 117001983

Svobodna Zona-Ruse EAD

"Free zone - Ruse" EAD is a trading company with the sole owner of the capital National Company Industrial Zones. It was established in 1988 as an import-export center providing customs and tax benefits for customers operating on its territory.

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With its strategic location - next to the Danube River, at the intersection of the VII and IX European transport corridors, 800 m from the Danube Bridge, with easy access to the port of Ruse - East, 75 km. from the capital of Romania - Bucharest, 200 km. from the Port of Varna and the presence of well-developed infrastructure - roads, railway line, buildings, warehouses and objects with economic, production and administrative purposes, the company has the potential to become a regional multimodal and economic hub.

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There are many opportunities for development in the designated territory with the status of "free zone" according to the customs legislation, as well as in territories that are not under special regime. In addition to the excellent location and good infrastructure of Svobodna Zona - Ruse EAD, the advantages are also the presence of:

  • Customs office serving goods passing through the territory of the zone;
  • Document processing specialists;
  • On-site issuance of certificates of origin of goods for export and re-export;
  • Possibility of storing goods with non-Community status for an unlimited time without payment and without securing the customs duties due;
  • 24-hour live security and video surveillance;
  • Reloading equipment and qualified employees for transshipment operations;
  • Crane and ability to handle loads and containers up to 32 tons;
  • Truck scales up to 60 tons;

If you wish to take advantage of the currently free warehouse spaces and the services that "Free Zone - Ruse" EAD provides, we recommend that you contact them directly:

Marketing and Customer Relations Department
tel. 082/ 880 815 (817, 814)

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