City Esperanto Society - Libero Szruzenie

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Aims and objectives: To spread the international language "Esperanto" as a means of establishing cooperation between peoples and for their mutual acquaintance and rapprochement. To support its members in the study and practical use of Esperanto. To realize interaction and cooperation with all Esperantoists and their organizations in the country, with the Bulgarian Esperanto Union and the Universal Esperanto Organization UEA. The company can join forces with other organizations in connection with its goals and tasks.

Means of achieving the objectives: It publishes in the international language "Esperanto" magazines, newspapers, bulletins, brochures, textbooks, dictionaries, teaching aids in and for Esperanto. It organizes meetings, courses, seminars, scientific practical conferences and other events to raise the cultural and linguistic level of its members and to popularize Esperanto activities. Provides comprehensive support for the national and international Esperanto movement.

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