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Teracom Ltd

Teracom is a 100% private company founded in 1993 by two engineers, specialists in the field of communication technology. Since 1995, Teracom has established itself as a leader in the Bulgarian (with about 60%) and Macedonian (with about 90%) markets of main cable TV stations. In 1997, the first own production premises were purchased, with an area of 250 m².

The first semi-automatic line (Fritch) for SMD assembly was purchased in 1998, and the following year the first automatic assembly machine (Siemens) was also purchased. With this, we completely switch to our own SMD assembly, which guarantees a constant quality of the products offered. In 2001, the addressable television signal coding system developed by the company - TeraCod was approved by the technical department of the HBO television channel. In the next 3 years, the system became the leader of the Bulgarian market, with over 65% share. More than 15,000 decoders have been sold to all major Bulgarian cable operators. Since 2003, the fully developed TeraAccess system for access control and time reporting has been offered as software and hardware. The system is successfully implemented in the Bulgarian and Romanian markets. In 2005, production was moved to a completely new base with an area of 910 m².

In the period 2007 - 2009, Teracom participated in a large-scale project for the implementation of a system for remote control and monitoring of the largest Bulgarian telecommunications operator - Vivacom. Many specialized devices have been developed and manufactured for monitoring the parameters of television and radio transmitters, access control systems and others. Since 2010, Teracom has been developing and offering Ethernet and GSM/GPRS products for monitoring and control of industrial facilities and processes.

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