Husqvarna Ruse EOOD

EIK: 827195963

+359 82 810 555

Construction Equipment Ltd

Huskvarna Ruse EOOD, located in the city of Ruse, was founded in 1987 as an enterprise specializing in hydraulic drilling technology and is part of the Combine for heavy engineering. During the period 2005-2017, the company was integrated into the Swedish Atlas Copco Group, which realized significant investments in the development of new production facilities and optimization of the production process, as well as in the expansion of the product range.

Since February 2018, Husqvarna Ruse EOOD is part of the Swedish Husqvarna Group, after its acquisition within the framework of the investment restructuring of the majority owner Investor AB. This step marks a new stage in the company's development and expansion in the international market.

The plant's production capacities include the production of light tamping machinery such as rammers and rollers, concrete processing machinery including screeds, cutters and concrete surface grinding machines, as well as diamond discs for cutting concrete and building materials.

The company focuses on the development, design and assembly of the machines, having its own department for Structural Development and a laboratory in which 12 specialists work. The products of Husqvarna Ruse EOOD are distributed through the distribution and sales centers of the Group, providing wide access to the markets and excellent customer service.

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