Charlino – Chavdar Ivanov ET

EIK: 020177990

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Activity: Impresario activity, audiovisual activity with the exception of those prohibited by law, filming with a video camera of rituals, wedding celebrations, sports competitions, concerts for the personal use of the participants in them, taxi transport, sound recordings and the sale of the same, commercial and commercial mediation activity. Entrepreneurship and production activity in the country and abroad, domestic and foreign trade, barter transactions and re-export of industrial, consumer, food and agricultural goods, industrial raw materials, spare parts, machines, equipment, devices and apparatus, organizational, household, sound, lighting equipment , musical instruments and devices, mediation and agency of our and foreign individuals and legal entities in the country and abroad, advertising and marketing activity in the country and abroad, commission, consignment and second-hand trade, including works and objects of art, culture and artistic crafts /without cultural monuments/. Additional subject of activity: production and trade of women's and men's clothing, foodstuffs and juices, car parts; additional subject of activity: hotel and restaurant business, opening of entertainment establishments and those for public catering.

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