denkstatt Bulgaria

denkstatt is a leading international consulting group in the fields of environment, sustainability, energy, health, safety and mobility. Founded in 1993 in Vienna, the company has accumulated three decades of experience and has grown with offices in Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Each division has quality and environmental management certifications, supporting the company's vision of a balance between economic, environmental and social performance.

The Bulgarian division of denkstatt is particularly significant in the group. With over 15 years of presence on the local market and a team of nearly 30 people, it is established as the most experienced company in ESG (environmental, social and governance) responsibility consulting in Bulgaria. This experience is particularly valuable in assisting local industries in adapting to changes and upcoming requirements of European regulations and investor expectations.

denkstatt is committed to setting science-based climate goals and has the ambition to continuously improve its services and processes. The group works to ensure that their actions actively contribute to sustainability, offering comprehensive strategies for emissions reduction and decarbonisation, circular economy, life cycle assessment and biodiversity management.

Working closely with the global Inogen®Alliance network, denkstatt provides professional consulting to customers worldwide. The high evaluation by the business and partners emphasizes the reliability and professionalism of the company in achieving sustainable goals.