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The school was founded in 1997 in Katerini. It is located between Thessaloniki and Mount Olympus. It consists of a nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary and has 650 students. Since 2002, the school has been teaching STEM to its students using the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotic tool and play-based co-creation methods. Platon school has been participating in European projects since 1997. Currently, the school is participating in many Erasmus+ projects. Their vision is to provide their student with new, more alternative and pedagogical teaching methods than what the Ministry of Education offers.


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School Starters' Hub - Transforming Secondary Schools to Innovation and Creativity Hubs

ACTIvE - Supporting Autistic Youth to Gain Independence

ACTIvE - Job coACh, supporTIng social school students with Autism Spectrum Disorder