Multiplier event under "Smart Village" project - Can we make our region "smart"

On September 27 and October 17 this year RTIK organized an information multiplier event under the project "INTELLIGENT VILLAGE - development of rural tourism through circular economy and social innovations" ("Smart Village"). More than 30 representatives of the interested parties and people from the small rural areas, satellites of the city of Ruse, participated in the events. The audience got to know the concept of the project and the idea "INTELLIGENT VILLAGE", the content of an electronic training platform and the educational content available in several languages: English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian, French and Greek.

According to the research done by the project's partner team, people in small towns and rural areas have a desire to improve and develop their environment, but for this to happen, they need to be taught how to do it sustainably, environmentally friendly and at the same time resource-efficient, using the features of the region in which they live. It is the developed training materials that are available on the electronic platform that are extremely relevant and useful, imparting knowledge in an accessible and understandable language.

The trainings are thematic and can be chosen according to the needs and demands of the trainees. The information covers a wide range of topics such as:

  • What are the stages of creating your own business;
  • Creating a tourist product;
  • Development of personal entrepreneurial skills;
  • What is circular economy and social innovation. Why are they important for rural areas;
  • How digitalization is changing the tourism industry;
  • Why to know social media and improve our digital competences;
  • What is sustainable tourism;
  • Why is it important to develop rural areas;
  • What is a "smart village"
    The platform provides practical advice and examples of business ideas, various digital solutions for online promotion of your own business, smart community development strategies that are already implemented in rural areas. The work of the consortium and the results of the project will contribute both to the personal development of people from small settlements and rural regions, and to improving the quality of their lives in general. More information can be found on the project website https://smart-village-project.com. The e-learning platform is available here: http://smartvillage.erasmusplus.space
SMART VILLAGE - Development of rural tourism through circular economy and social innovation

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