Monument of Freedom in Ruse, Bulgaria

Welcome to Ruse - the northern capital of Bulgaria!

Ruse is Bulgaria's Danube pearl, the most actively developing industrial center in the North and an integral part of the Danube macro-region.

Our city has become a regional economic leader thanks to its strong industrial profile and large-scale projects.

The strategic geographical position and the well-developed transport infrastructure are advantages that have turned Ruse into an intermodal hub, providing opportunities for the mobility of people and the transportation of goods by road, rail and water transport.

The University of Ruse and the schools in the region prepare specialists in an extremely wide range of professional fields.

The city is known as the "City of First Things" and has a rich history with dozens of key ventures starting here. We are proud of both our past and the conditions we offer to help you find your path to success right here.

Ruse can be the right place to start or expand your business, because here you will find real opportunities in a stable and secure environment. The city has potential that any future investor could take advantage of.

In the investment profile you will find detailed information about:

  • The location and state of Ruse's infrastructure;
  • The economic and investment potential of the city;
  • Human resources, employment and education;
  • The quality of life, work and business in Ruse;
  • National and local policies, initiatives and organizations to support investors.

Main advantages


  • The largest economic center in the Bulgarian section of the Danube River.
  • The proximity of the Romanian market and the capital Bucharest.
  • Strategic location on the road of the largest river highway in Europe, intersection of four global transport corridors - pan-European #7 and #9, TRACECA, "One belt one road".
  • Logistics center combining different types of transport.
  • A highly diversified service economy and a strong industrial profile opening up opportunities for new business ventures.
  • Optimal combination of professional and personal life.
  • Qualified personnel and highly developed educational infrastructure.
  • Competitive costs for starting and developing a business compared to other similar regions of Bulgaria.


  • Member of the European Union, NATO and WTO.
  • Currency board, national currency pegged to the euro.
  • Member of ERM II and the Banking Union, with preparations for entry into the Eurozone in 2024.
  • 10% corporate and personal tax.
  • 5% dividend tax.
  • Competitive conditions for doing business.
  • Exemption from VAT when importing equipment for investment projects.
  • Deduction of R&D expenses.