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TEDxRuse 2023: World-class visionaries meet Ruse for valuable ideas and transformation

21 October, 2023 | 9:30 17:30

Let's be ReConnected for culture and society, business and entrepreneurship, innovative technologies

TEDxRuse is not just an exciting event that will take place on October 21, 2023 in our city, but also a catalyst for the transformation of the local community of students, active citizens, business representatives and anyone who is excited about the valuable ideas of the future. This is what the organizers promise and they back up their words with a constellation of speakers who are successful and at the same time ready to give back value to local communities. Most of them are from Ruse, and their achievements are recognized at the national and international level.

The program of the event is rich and varied, and the only goal of all participants is to inspire each other with ideas worth sharing, implementing and experiencing. TEDxRuse speakers will share stories about personal life, education, the urban environment, improving work processes or simply psychology and methods for better and more meaningful communication. The audience of the event includes pupils, students, established representatives of institutions, the NGO sector and business, citizens of Ruse and guests from other cities.

Known for bringing together thought-provoking speakers, TEDxRuse promises an engaging and transformative experience that will leave a lasting impression years after its event.

Among the speakers are:

Valentin Borisov, which devotes much of its talent and resources to improving the educational environment.

Vanya Georgieva from the "Stand Art" Association, which makes sure that cultural and art trends do not pass by Ruse, to keep the interest of young and old in art alive, as everyone feels for themselves.

Zoro Penchev will guide us through such important topics for our city that inspiration will flow from his every word on the topic of urban environment, technology and a better life, which we as individual communities or a whole society can realize very consciously and actively.

Neven Boyanov is at the heart of such changed destinies that it is certain that during TEDxRuse it will continue its mission, which is to educate, invent and inspire and through the innovative STEM learning platform "Tinusaurus".

Strahil Yordanov is a real star on a global level, because from Ruse, through Sofia to Berlin, and even to Singapore, they know the work of the studio in which he works. The visual art he creates is not just beautiful, it has the power to change destinies, cities, countries and during the event you will hear live exactly how the magic happens.

Kaloyan Kumanov it is not by chance that he was chosen in the selection that every young ambitious world-changing inspirer dreams of: Forbes 30 under 30. He is also our "connection to the earth".

Stanimir Milev "chases clouds", changes perceptions, creates stories with animations and thought. The organizers expect him to be one of the most interesting speakers for the youngest audience, and we will find out whether it will be so on 10/21/2023 in the TEDxRuse hall.

Neda Malcheva it has the power to make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, and bring you back to diapers again. With pictures, with text, with heart. 

Plamen Manev is the guest speaker who will give us the perspective of a global entrepreneur who breathes life into every place he touches, turning an idea into a working business.

Emilian Enev is a digital entrepreneur developing innovative products, but this is only a small part of his active and civil activity for a better life in Ruse, in Bulgaria, in the world.

There are more visionaries to be announced who will unlock true transformation from the TEDxRuse stage, because for them valuable ideas, sharing and helping each other create a better environment for everyone to live and work.

Treat yourself to an exceptional day in an environment rich in knowledge, emotions, inspiration and ideas. Because for you, your children, employees and loved ones, this day will mark the beginning of positive change and personal improvement. Let's be ReConnected at the level of culture and society, business, entrepreneurship and innovative technologies.

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About TEDxRuse: 

TEDxRuse is an independently organized TEDx event dedicated to spreading ideas worth sharing. Since its inception, TEDxRuse has been a platform for thought leaders, visionaries and change makers to inspire and build a sustainable community.


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