Нова Линия ЕООД

Nova Line Ltd

Nova Line Ltd. is a proven leader in the production of high-quality women's and children's clothing, founded in 1991. The company is located in the city of Ruse, Bulgaria, ideally positioned for production in Europe, on the border between Turkey and the EU, and only 70 km from Bucharest. Nova Liniya EOOD is a certified producer according to BSCI standards and...

Фазан АД

Pheasant AD

Fazan AD is a leading manufacturer of high-quality socks that are both stylish and comfortable. Founded in 1927, Fazan AD is the first hosiery factory in Bulgaria, established as a mixed Bulgarian-Israeli company. The company is committed to delivering socks that are not only functional but also fashionable, and is constantly evolving to meet the changing…

Антоан Вилл ЕООД

Antoine Ville EOOD

Subject of activity: Production of women's and men's clothing and retail and wholesale trade with it in the country and abroad, foreign economic activity, import, export, wholesale and retail trade in the country with various types of goods, not prohibited by law, representation, mediation and agency of our and foreign companies and individuals in the country and abroad, management,...

Аристон-С ООД

Ariston-S Ltd

Subject of activity: Tailoring activity, wholesale and retail trade of various types of goods in the country and abroad, transport activity in the country and abroad, knitting and production of all household goods, car repair services, design, marketing, commercial mediation, commercial representation and trade in construction materials, construction activity, production, purchase, processing and sale of all types of...

Бордо ООД

Bordeaux Ltd

Subject of activity: Manufacturing of women's, men's and children's clothing; internal and external trade; production, transmission, distribution and trade of thermal and electrical energy, including that produced from renewable energy sources, production and trade of energy carriers - after obtaining the relevant permit/license in the cases provided for by law; opening and operation of establishments for public...

Венто ООД

Vento Ltd

Subject of activity: Production, wholesale and retail trade and sewing of fashion apparel, import, export and barter transactions, transport activity - transportation and forwarding of passengers and cargo, warehouse activity, cargo handling in the country and abroad, domestic and foreign trade in industrial and agricultural goods, commission, consignment trade and commercial mediation, commercial representation...

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